Monday, February 2, 2009

roll on our weekend.


am so excited. cant wait to meet you all irl. You have all made me so welcome on eb.

am also a fair bit nervous about driving Adelaide. If I am the only one from over here, I was wondering if there is a remote chance of anyone being near Gepps Cross that would need a lift to Nats.
I freak out with claustrophobia and driving town makes me into a sweating gibberish mess.

If there is no one I will just have to conquer my fear and drive slowly.
or fly.... now there's a thought.
hmmmm I wonder if they can attached a trailer to the plane just for me ???!!! *insert roll eyes*


  1. Ahhh tiff - you'll be fine.

    We will cross that hurdle when it comes closer babe!

  2. why would you be the only one coming from over this way Tiff?

    I have 'known' these girls for 4 years now. I will be there.