Friday, July 3, 2009

I will be there to pick you all up shortly after 8am.

How's this for a plan.....

drive thru McDonalds breakfast on the way to the scrap shop!!!

The BIG scrap shop - owner is a fuckwit - is not open til 10am but my LSS will be open at 9 so if we go straight there for coffee that could work. My boss has a class at 10 but there will be plently of room for us to do caffine and chat!


  1. lol. I know who you mean and yes he is. I'll go with the flow. happy with just being there. wahu.

  2. I'm getting sooo excited!!!! I'm happy to go with the flow :D Haven't been proper scrap shopping in MONTHS so any scrap shop will be fine with me! lol

  3. One other thing....I have never been to the Adelaide Airport so can someone meet me at my terminal!! lmao I'm likely to get lost :S

  4. no sweat Cat. all the big planes go into the one terminal. Im in a little plane and land off one side of it. If we all email Nat with our moblies nos and she can get them to each of us, we wont lose each other.