Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ok girls.......

I need you to throw in your pillows please and Tiff, do you mind sleeping in a swag in my craft room?

How's this sound.....

Friday night home for tea with cocktails - lazy nibbly tea, anti pasto, dips, cheese, stuff like that and two options for Saturday night - if we all pitch in, Trev is super happy to do a pork roast on the webber (we will do veggies) or we can go out for Thai? If we stay home, cheaper, can keep scrapping, drinking, keep slippers on - we are not fussed either way.


  1. No probs Nat...I was meaning to ask if we needed to bring bedding or anything. As for meals, I'm easy to go with the flow. :)

  2. yep Nat. swag is just fine. I wont have mine as I'm flying instead of driving. Do you have one?? I reckon scrapping sipping and slippers sounds super for saturday nite.

  3. oh nat sounds devine! sat nite in sounds fine to me, wow trev is awesome! but happy to go with the flow too!
    super excited little chicken here :) :)

  4. He is a bit special actually! He has decided to take the thurs and fri off work to help me get all the beds ready, make up the van, take your luggage home from the airport so we can go shopping plus cook tea and make cocktails for us! Not bad hey! Sonia - I am putting you in the van with Ang if that is cool!

  5. What a man!!! I am more than happy to stay in too. Scrapping, drinks and nibblies is my ideal night lol.